Salesforce Optimizer Summary

The following article is a summary of my takeaways from the Trailhead "Salesforce Optimizer" module:

In addition, check out this video from the Salesforce Admin Podcast featuring Niket Trivedi, the Product Manager for Salesforce Optimizer:

Disclaimer - this is not new content, but my takeaway notes in learning about the Optimizer tool.

What is it?

  • A FREE tool built for Admins to review your Salesforce org and scout for problems with your implementation.

  • It returns results directly in Salesforce after analyzing your implementation. There are over 50 different metrics in the review, including: storage, fields, custom code, custom layouts for objects, reports and dashboards.

--> Results layout a blueprint to improve your implementation, including WHAT was found, what should you DO about it, and RESOURCES to learn more.

--> Results are sorted based on type, level of effort, and status in order to aid you with prioritizing your cleanup efforts. The most urgent items will be listed at the top with a "Review Required" status.

--> Results, when viewed, even have a "View in Setup" button to take you directly to the area to work on or investigate each item.

Sample Benefits of Using:

  • Suggestions to combat slow performance and busy page layouts
  • Heads-up onw where you may be approaching Salesforce governor limits
  • See recommended new feature releases, which can be hard to keep up with otherwise
  • When prepping to migrate from Classic to Lightning *See "Field Usage" results to analyze if custom fields are actually being used


  • Lightning - in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

  • Production OR Sandbox environments

  • IF you are still in Classic, use the PDF based version (

  • Review Salesforce documentation for required user permissions

How long does it take?

  • It requires little-to-no time to turn it on. Generally, it will run within an hour to provide results, unless your org is highly complex.

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